Şişecam Tinted Float Glass is body tinted float glass of Şişecam Flat Glass.

It offers a wide options to designers and customers to create aesthetic and stylish places with its different color alternatives.

If used in exterior, it limits solar heat input into the building, control the extreme brightness of the sun, and offers a comfortable working and living environment.

It saves on cooling costs by reducing the cooling energy consumption in air-conditioned environments.

Supply opportunities is available in different sizes and colors.


Solar control glass is subjected to thermal breakage risks. In order to avoid thermal breakage risks, toughening or heat strengthening is recommended. When laminating Şişecam Tinted Float Glass, all panes of the laminated glass should be either toughened or heat strengthened in order to avoid thermal breakage risks.

Şişecam Tinted Float Glass is the trademark of body tinted float glass range of Şişecam Flat Glass.

Manufactured by adding coloring agents to the raw batch before melting process.

Laminated glass, toughened glass, heat strengthened glass, enameled glass, bent glass, coated glass, acid etched glass, sandblasted glass and mirror can be produced by applying secondary processes to Şişecam Tinted Float Glass;


Green, gray, bronze, blue, turquoise and dark gray colors are available.