Şişecam Tentesol Titanium is Şişecam Flat Glass’ reflective solar control glass.

Prevents solar heat transmission into buildings, control the luminosity of sunlight and provides a comfortable working and living environment.

Reduces the cooling energy consumption and provides savings on cooling expenses.

Provides high light transmission.

Due to its coating, color of the substrate glass appears more clearly.

Creates mirror effect from brighter direction of light. For example, it provides one way view from inside to outside during day hours and from outside to inside during night.

With its high reflectance, Şişecam Tentesol Titanium offers a uniform appearance for buildings with curtain walls by covering background features such as spandrels, columns, beams, suspended ceilings etc.

The coating can be placed facing outside (surface 1) or inside (surface 2) of the Insulating Glass Units. Reflectance is emphasized with first; and color is emphasized with second surface applications.

Due to its hard coating, it has no shelf life.

Can be toughened, heat strengthened and bent. Lamination and enameling is also possible.


Solar control glass is subjected to thermal breakage risks. In order to avoid thermal breakage risks, toughening or heat strengthening is recommended. When laminating Şişecam Tentesol, all panes of the laminated glass should be either toughened or heat strengthened in order to avoid thermal breakage risks.

Şişecam Tentesol Titanium is Şişecam Flat Glass’ reflective solar control glass

Şişecam Tentesol Titanium can be used as monolithic and also it can be incorporated into Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). IGU assembled with Şişecam Temperable Low-E Glass provides savings from heating expenses in addition to solar control property.


Silver, green, gray, blue and turquoise colors are available.