Frame applications : Two rails / three rails / fixed comportments / frame with screen / frame with casing
Profile standard : TS 5358 – EN 12608
Gasket system : Brush gasket
Gasket type / color : TPE – Gray / Back
Glass thickness (mm) : 4, 20, 24, 30

It is possible to produce solutions answering to all kinds of requirements due to 6 types of frame profiles contained in the system.

It is possible to carry out sliding window and door applications with two, three, four, five, six sashes.

Since the movable slash in the inner position for the fixed comportment frame profile, you can use it ergonomically and reliably.

Thus, the applications for outside screen-blinds operate more productively.

There is no vertical profile when the sashes are opened in the applications with 90º edges due to its specially designed movable edge joint profiles and, thus it offers more spacious visibility.

Its tightness profiles well designed, tightness components and brush gaskets provide a high level of impermeability.

A frame profile with self-casing system provides a visual integrity in the inner surface and the joints between the wall and the joinery.

Due to the frame profiles used as meeting rails, it is possible to form fixed compartments below or above the sliding part.

It is possible to form secure compartments without using glazing beads due to the fixed comportment adaptor profile defined in the system.

It is possible to form sliding screens without using any additional rail due to its built-in screen rail frame profile.

In addition to white, there are laminated profiles with 17 different colors and patterns.

Due to its specially designed fluted and oval edge rails, it allows eye-catching, aesthetic joints between the profile and the glass.

There are rails allowing the use of single-glass, double-glass and panels of 4-20-24-30 mm in width.